Melissa Countryman Bodywork

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"Melissa’s Hakomi bodywork patiently revealed chronically frozen and long ignored restrictions in my movement patterns…Melissa has proven to be wonderfully genuine, creating a sense of safety, connection, and harmony to resolve the on-going tension for my body and mind. Her work isn’t a quick fix, but more along the lines of a complete restoration that takes time… and completely worth the effort."
- Brian
"Total relaxation happens when you can sleep during a massage. The discussion before and after provides great therapy as well. "
- Julie W.
"Melissa was great. Whether you are a lifelong Ridgway resident or just passing through it is a must. She listened to my thoughts on trouble spots and was right on with her assessment. The massage was one of the best I have had. Scheduling was easy and the location was very convenient."
- Patty
"Melissa is a total GEM: she’s a masterful masseuse and a wonderful person who skillfully welcomes you into an atmosphere of light and peace. She listens well and adjusts treatment accordingly within each session: her knowledge of he human body, ability to communicate with sore bones and muscles and tissues, and insight about practices and experiences that contribute to wholeness never fail to astonish me. Melissa combines those gifts with experienced practice, gentle strength and intentional presence. These allow the space and prompting the body needs to respond and soak in healing. A session with Melissa is a gift."
- Nancy
"Melissa is an extremely skilled massage therapist, with a wealth of well-honed techniques in her bag. Every time I go, she figures out new ways of easing the tension in my “computer neck” and working out all of the other nobs in my back. I love her selection of oils, hot stones, and lavender-scented eye pillows. (And she even heats your socks up before sliding them back on your feet at the end of the session – the definition of pampering!)"
- Lois
"Melissa has a gift! I’ve been receiving regular massages for years in other cities I’ve lived in and I was delighted to find Melissa and her cozy studio in Ridgway when I relocated to the area. Melissa always takes the time to hear about what is happening in your life and how your body is feeling – something many other practitioners overlook – the mind/body connection. Melissa has not only helped relieve muscle tension, aches and pains, etc. but has helped me learn more about my body and feel more at home in my own skin."
- Dana
"Melissa has mastered her craft, her work is intuitive and fluid, she is fully present and above all respectful of the physical and emotional needs of her clients. She has worked with me through recovery from illness and injury and been an important  member of my rehab team following surgeries. Time spent on Melissa‚Äôs table is a gift I give myself, I always leave the session feeling like I have received the gift of her skills but also her wonderful spirit and loving soul."
- Eva
"…… I was telling her how wonderful your Hakomi body work is to experience, but I have not even told you!  Your work takes “it’s not about the story” to a whole new level.  The shift is subtle, very real, enduring and continues to unfold.  Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again."
- Love, B
"I’ve had many massage experiences over the years, but Melissa’s style is unique – and completely wonderful. Ninety minutes went by too fast! I’ve felt so much better since re: chronic neck pain."
- Rebecca
"Melissa does an incredible job understanding how best to work with you to address problem areas and help your body rejuvenate."
- Patrick
"I always walk out of a session w melissa knowing my body is on its way to recovery! She’s great at checking in with how I’m feeling and very kind.  I couldn’t be happier with her skills!"
- Susan
"Melissa has a deep intuition as to what a body needs, and is able to address body issues without instruction. Her extensive experience is apparent and she is a great healer!"
- KD
"After years of receiving massage…hands down Melissa is the BEST"
- Marissa