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About Melissa

 A Little Background


Originally from Indiana, I spent my early 20’s clarifying my professioanl calling and seeking a place that I could call home.  Always drawn to the fascinating world of human psychology, with a strong interest in understanding ” how we become who we are”, I graduated from Antioch College in 1997 with my BA in psychology.  My undergraduate education and personal experience as a client of various styles of therapy gave rise to my curiosity about how the body fit in with more traditional psychology.  I began to envision a career that allowed me to be with people in way that encouraged body, mind and heart all joining together towards healing and deepening one’s inner exploration & growth.  My professional journey of discovery took me to the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, where I graduated in 1999 as a Certified Massage Therapist.  I then spent the next 12 years practicing massage and bodywork in various settings: private practice, premier day spas, chiropractor’s offices as well as opening a massage business for a busy mountain guiding operation.  During this time, I longed for a way to bring my vision of “body, mind & heart work” to fruition.  Moving forward on this path,  I have been studying the Hakomi Method, which is an experiential, body-centered, somatic psychotherapy.  In 2013, I graduated from the 2 year Hakomi Comprehensive Program in Durango, CO.  Deepening my skill with applying Hakomi priniciples to Bodywork, I graduated in December 2015 from the year-long training in Hakomi for Bodyworkers in Santa Fe, NM.  Currently, I assist in the Hakomi Bodywork trainings in Santa Fe. The Journey Continues!

photo by JT Thomas

photo by JT Thomas

“This is a journey of discovery, not a journey of fixing what is broken”

~Morgan Holford

“We are the context in which healing is inspired”

~Ron Kurtz

“Remember your own sense of Wholeness”

~Melissa Countryman